A Western Canadian Story


In 1978, Hollshop Imports Ltd located in Langley BC, was established in order to provide a wide selection of favourite Dutch and Indonesian foods to the specialty European retail market across BC and Alberta.

Next door in Alberta, Lethbridge Food Marketing Ltd was established in 1991. Very early in our history we began to Import unique confectionary products from around the globe. Over time it became apparent that many of the European confections they were given access to were not readily available in the marketplace.

In the fall of 2010, Global Reach Confections Inc was established in order to make these uniquely European confections available to the Canadian consumer.

During the summer of 2013, our two companies with a long and successful history of working together in the confectionary and importing industry, began discussions with a view to maximizing the strengths of each company. We were able to conclude that joining together would enable us to more efficiently service our expanding customer base while at the same time assist in positioning our many customer's to meet the ever increasing demands of the consumer for worldwide selection, quality and value.

Hence the birth of GLOBAL REACH CONFECTIONS & MORE, on April 1st, 2014.

Our management team has identified a niche in the marketplace which allows us to introduce Brand Name Confections without compromising current agreements between International Companies and their large corporate retailers.

We do this by partnering closely with the Specialty Food Retailer as well as the Independent Grocery Retailer.

By expanding their core offering of quality Dutch and British foods to include a wider selection of internationally recognized brands your Specialty Food Retailer is in a position to draw from a wider segment of the population thereby increasing their sales.

The Independent Grocer benefits by receiving access to a wide selection of quality Dutch and British foods as well as having access to International brands that are not readily available at the large national retailer because of contractual obligations yet, their customer will instantly recognize them and enjoy the selection, quality and value.

The biggest winner in this strategy is the Consumer and when the consumer wins.........EVERYONE WINS!


In addition to supplying the popular lines of bulk candy that our customers depend on, we have developed our very own brand called

"Dutch Traditions".

Please contact any one of our qualified consultants for more information.

In the meantime, have a look at our " Product Catalogue" section for a glimpse of what is available.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

We Are The Bridge

Lethbridge Bridge

We are the bridge, that connects the Canadian marketplace with Dutch & British food as well as unique brand name confections from around the world.

How We Accomplish This

We partner with distributors in order to deliver our products to your local Specialty Food store and Grocery Retailers across Canada.

Our Mission

Our goal is to introduce Canadians from coast to coast to quality Dutch and British foods, including unique brand name European confections.

Our Facility

Langley Office More Storage Warehouse